by Tiana Feng

My boyfriend and I have a really different taste of music and yesterday he took me to a concert that was more his scene. We arrived at Siesta Nouveau which wasn’t like a traditional venue. It was more of a loft that held concerts and booze was BYOB. I loved the friendly vibe of the scene. The music of the night was hardcore noise rock, a lot different than what I normally listen to but I still had a rad time. The one band that did catch my attention was Toronto’s own Animal Faces. They do this really random thing where they set up lamps for their sets. For a band who’s vocals was all screaming, I really didn’t expect the frontman Ryan Naray to be a little Asian guy. I was rather impressed by their fast paced playing. It almost reminded me of a faster paced version of some of the indie garage rock I listen to like The Pack AD. Check out this track called Follow Faster.
Animal Faces- Follow Faster
If you’re interested in hearing more, their EP is available FREE on Bandcamp.