by Tiana Feng

Having went to school for both music and entertainment management I know some pretty rad and talented people. Today I will introduce you to MC & Producer combo, Mister Park & Kat Revolution. They will be releasing an album called Hotel Animalia around Christmas.

Here’s their statement on the album:
“An estranged yet comfortable place of party with a quirky presence of nature, Hotel Animalia is Mister Park & Kat Revolution’s debut electronic audio-experience. As accommodating as it is unconventional, dare venture into this world of backwards art as told through the Hotel’s very own elevator operators Molly and Dolly. They will take you up floor-by-floor to host your journey through door opening infectious four-to-the-floor dance parties. A palace for party animals, full of parties… and animals guests are encouraged to rid themselves of all inhibitions. Do you ever feel the need to just get away? Everyones invited, come play.

Check out their first music video Mic Check 1, 2 below. Don’t you wish you could join the party?

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