by Tiana Feng

From Toronto, Ontario, Vibonics is a group of music makers that can be described as a fusion of indie rock, soul and hip hop. Their music laced with jazz and funk inspired riffs and chord progressions which makes whatever they put out a pretty fun listen. If you’re from Toronto you might have even heard them in passing as they play around. Just recently they released their debut self-titled EP.
1. Lights Out
2. Major
3. Nervous
4. Palm Trees

The set of songs starts off with Lights Out with some political undertones. Next Major has some pretty badass power chords mixed with some dazzling piano runs. It’s a track that really illustrates musical abilities of all the musicians in the group and their ability to hold their own.

Nervous gets a bit more intimate as singer Kubota sweetens everything with her smooth vocals. This is a pretty catchy one and I have included it below. Ending off the set is the soulful Palm Trees. It’s a strong set of 4 songs that definitely portray what the group is all about; talented musicians influenced by a variety of sounds. Hope to hear more from them soon!

Vibonics- Nervous[audio:]
Vibonics - EP - Vibonics