by Tiana Feng

I had heard a ton of buzz about Little Girls during NXNE but I hadn’t had a chance to hear them until I heard the Cults EP. The EP was released a few days ago on September 6th, 2011 by Hand Drawn Dracula.

1. White Night
2. Cults
3. Ex
4. Daydream
5. Delaware
6. Nights Out
7. Nights Out (Guy Dallas Remix) Digital Bonus Track

Little Girls originally began in 2009 as a solo recording project by multi-instrumentalist John McIntyre who was part of Pirate/Rock. I haven’t heard any of Pirate/Rock but I like what John has done so far with his solo project. The EP has 6 original tracks plus 1 remix by Toronto electro dude Guy Dallas. The 6 songs presented are a bit new wave electronic. It’s definitely something you must listen to in headphones and not shitty laptop speakers, otherwise it sounds like crap.

Overall, there is a sense of darkness within even the more-pop tracks like Daydream. Something about it is almost creepy. Of course there is the brighter moments as found in Delaware which lifts your spirits before the party that Nights Out brings. If you’re looking for something with a ton of synths, electronic noise and full of reverb experimentation than Little Girls’ Cults EP is right for you.
Little Girls- Nights Out[audio:]
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