by Tiana Feng

I was attending the concert on a date and not as media so didn’t have my SLR on me, excuse the iPhone photos. We had bought the tickets earlier the day of and had no idea that Sara Lowes and Rah Rah would be opening but it was a pleasant surprise.
Kicking off the night was UK singer Sara Lowes:

She actually has a full band back home, but it was only herself that night doing a solo set with keyboards. It was an intimate low-key way to kick off the night. However I do have to say that her stuff sounds way better with the entire band. Check out this album sampler:
Sara Lowes- Something I Don’t Know[audio:]
I wish she had the full band on stage, especially the horns. Next up for the night was one of my recent favourite groups Rah Rah.

They played an energetic set from both old and new albums. I enjoyed the fact that all 6 members are pretty multi-instrumental and took turns playing different things throughout their set. The Mod Club sound mix was a bit sketchy at some points as the mics on one side of the stage would go out every one and a while. It was noticeable more in Rah Rah’s set because you couldn’t hear Kristina on the accordion, which is supposed to be the most awesome part of their set. Fun band to watch though. The band went crazy when they through balloons that spelt R A H into the audience:

Check out one of my favourite tracks by then (which they did play yesterday night):
Rah Rah- Ghosts[audio:]
Lastly, was headliners of the night Said the Whale who we had originally came to see.

They played a mixture of both new and the audiences favourite old songs. They definitely worked the crowd enough for all the young teens to continuously yell “take off your shirt” to the group. As with Rah Rah, there were parts of their set where a mic sort of died but it didn’t affect them as much and their set was still pretty awesome. They played crowd pleasers such as Camilo (The Magician), Holly, Ontario and This City’s A Mess. They played a bunch of new songs, but I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. They seem to moving from their folk roots to a little more indie-pop sort of hook explosion sound. I’ll have to take a listen to the full album when it’s done to have a full verdict. All in all, I enjoyed their set and almost lost my voice singing along to their known songs. I was really pleasantly surprised when they finished their encore set with the intimate Curse of Currents, at which point they politely asked the immature teens to stop yelling for them to remove their shirts.
Said the Whale- Curse of Currents[audio:]