by Tiana Feng

Sometimes things catch my eye because they are really friggin weird. That’s what I first thought about Armen at the Bazaar. The more I listened to him though, the more I thought his sound experimentation was fun and exciting. What’s more awesome is you can grab his EP Noor for free on Bandcamp. It’s seriously headphone music though, so don’t go about judging the thing on some crap computer speakers. I love when the layers and layers of sound just build and build on eachother, not in the predictable orchestral sense with like strings and stuff, sometimes it’s just electronics and raw vocals. By far the strangest and yet enjoyable track is Drive With Me which starts off with untypeable vocals. It is later joined by even stranger vocables that sound like monkey noises, but some how this song works.
Armen at the Bazaar- Drive With Me[audio:]