by Tiana Feng

Little delayed today with the posts! Was wrapped up with stuff all week =). Happy belated Canada’s Day all. Hope all you Canadians and Americans have a terrific long weekend!

Position Last Song Link
1 Papermaps- Exit post
2 1 Bedouin Soundclash feat. Coeur de Pirate- Brutal Hearts post
3 The Deep Dark Woods- Westside Street post
4 The Shimmies- Friendly Fire post
5 Banded Stilts- Forest, Oh Forest, Protect Me post
6 Handsome Furs- Repatriated post
7 Tasseomancy- Healthy Hands post
8 Hey Rosetta!- Bandages (The XM Verge Live Session) post
9 Library Voices- Generation Handclap post
10 Elliott Brood- Northern Air post