by Tiana Feng

Looking at the name, they are obvious not a Canadian band. Thees Uhlmann are from Berlin, Germany with the leading member being a part of Tomte. They were hilariously entertaining. The lead singer tried to tell “Canadian” jokes in between each tune. An example was, “Where do old men go to get excitement?” Answer: “Viagara Falls”. There was free 7″ vinyl on the tables which was a complete win. From them I learned that they had collaborated with the amazing Canadian group Imaginary Cities. I discovered later that Imaginary Cities will be opening for Thees Uhlmann when they tour in Germany so that’s pretty rad. The band was a group of really friendly people and I ended up hanging out with the keyboardist all night at the afterparties.

Couldn’t find a music videos/tracks to share with you but here’s some live footage I randomly found:

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  1. Ronny

    That’s my video… :-) It was made at a club called Blue Shell in Cologne.