by Tiana Feng

To end my series of NXNE posts is the band I’ve been anticipating all week, Papermaps. The Rivoli was a pretty quiet night until Papermaps was up. The lead singer Dean Marino also plays electric guitar in another group called Tin Star Orphans who was also present in the audience. I’ve been a fan of Papermaps self-titled album which is a whole lot of badass indie rock. Most of the songs on the album are catchy enough to be singles and this spoke through when they performed them live. It was really hard to be in the room and not want to jump up and down. Perhaps that is why my photos got a bit blurry because it was hard to stay still. I was highly impressed by them live and Dean Marino’s ability to rock some drums while singing. Some of their performed songs were You are My Gallows, Reunion, Complicate Things and my favourite track Exit, complete with the bellows in the beginning of the track.
Papermaps- Exit[audio:]

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