by Tiana Feng

I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting 4 of the dudes at one of my most admired music blogs Tympanogram at NXNE. We went to a BBQ, invaded a roof and ate some burgers. They’re pretty rad but down to earth dudes who just love music. Now they’re starting their own mini record label and their first release will be from a group called Joywave. They’re an electronic infused indie-pop band. They will be releasing a 7″ with the A side being a track called Ridge a track that makes me excited enough to jump up and down on my bed. The other side will consist of the song Traveling at the Speed of Light which was featured on their mixtape 77777.

Pre-order the vinyl now at Tympanogram Records! It should be ready by the end of July. I wish them good luck in their label ventures! It’s always been a dream of mine that’s for sure.
Joywave- Ridge[audio:]
Joywave- Traveling at the Speed of Light[audio:]

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