by Tiana Feng

I found out this secret show from a random address Kevin from Citizen Dick gave me. He literally told me an address and that it is a show above a hardware store. I wasn’t sure if I was looking for an apartment above a hardware store or a roof. I’m glad I trekked there with the dudes from Tympanogram or else I probably wouldn’t have made the party in fear of being kidnapped. We got there and found a wooden door, that was opened and led up to an apartment where you could hop on the roof. They had a pretty decent set up with free beer and pineapple hotdogs. There was also some of the most hipster people I’ve ever seen in my life. All us bloggers felt a bit out of place because we weren’t dressed poorly enough, except for maybe Dave from Tympanogram with his broken baby blue sunglasses.

Anyways, the first band up was Makeout Videotape from BC. The lead singer was a whole lot of fun and strangeness. He’d yell out song names that were really random like Taking a Hot Shit on a Huge Pussy before each song. I’m not sure if those were the real names of the songs though because they don’t appear on Ying Yang their latest album. He was either really drunk or a lunatic but it added to the non-seriousness of this event. Their lo-fi rock was definitely a kick off to the party. Check out Only You, which they did perform, that comes off their album Ying Yang which can be grabbed on their Bandcamp.
Makeout Videotape- Only You

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