by Tiana Feng

If Jesus had a clone on Earth, it would probably be Yukon Blonde frontman Jeffrey Innes. Later on in the night he even takes the stage shrubbery and wraps it around himself. The dude totally knows he looks like Jesus. If Jesus sang like him, I wouldn’t be an atheist. Yukon Blonde was the night’s not so “secret guests” of the Nevado Records showcase. They played for a pretty full house with more than 100 people in line wishing they were in the show.

The group is like a more catchier and less pretentious sounding version of Fleet Foxes. Their live set is more alternative sounding than the record. Maybe because there’s less reverb. They were awesome though. I always forgot how great that record is and ended up picking up a copy of the self-titled debut album on vinyl. The set was so much fun and I love being in a crowd of passionate fans that know all the lyrics to all the songs. My favourite of the set was probably the most known track Wind Blows. Check out music video for it below.


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