by Tiana Feng

Here’s this week’s top 10 single song posts! Tons of new tracks this week that made the chart. Congratulations. Remember to always share your favourite around!

Poistion Last Song Post
1 Slow Down, Molasses- Late Night Radio post
2 Johan Agebjorn feat. Queen of Hearts- Last Day of Summer post
3 3 Bedouin Soundclash feat. Coeur de Pirate- Brutal Hearts post
4 Silver Swans- Mother of Pearl post
5 The Milk Carton Kids- As It Must Be post
6 8 Digits- Lost Dream post
7 SPORTS- Slacking Scholar post
8 Graham Wright- Soviet Race post
9 Dinosaur Bones- N.Y.E. post
10 Sweatshop Union- Makeshift Kingdom post