by Tiana Feng

The Kinley I’m referring to here is not the lame band that comes up in the results when you search the name. He is maritime born singer-songwriter Joshua Docksteader who now lives in the prairies of Saskatchewan. The acoustic-folk album fair hero was released February 25, 2011.

1. Only Escape
2. Mercy For Us All
3. Foxfire
4. Watching Out For You
5. Defeat
6. On the Edge of Triumph
7. Tomorrow
8. Winter to Spring
9. What Everyday Brings
10. Thank God
(bonus track). Taxi Driver

When I first looked at the album’s tracklist I almost wrote this off entirely as some sort of Christian album. Upon listening to the album, his lyrics and poetry could be inspired by higher power as well as his own faith and love for the world. Despite the religious underlying, it wasn’t annoyingly pretentious or anything like that.

As an atheist person, it wasn’t an album I minded listening to. There was a ton to it musically that was worth talking about. The songs were simple sounding but when you really listened carefully you could hear the tiny details that made them musically successful. Sometimes it’s the addition of a female vocalist like in Winter to Spring or how in Defeat he shows how vulnerable he is and surrenders to the music as it envelops him as it builds.

Reading the liner notes I learned that it was an album that was actually recorded by Dalton Holloway in Josh’s house. This explains the warm organic sounds you hear and Josh’s ability to pour his heart into song.

Kinley- Defeat


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