by Tiana Feng

I don’t know how Jay and Beatrice are doing it but not only are they still on the chart, but they got back at top again! They must be getting fans to fall in love with the track still and ending up here. Love a track? Share it!

Position Last Song Link
1 7 Bedouin Soundclash feat. Coeur de Pirate- Brutal Hearts post
2 1 Beat Radio- Beautiful One post
3 4 Joel Plaskett and Shotgun Jimmie- Jimmie’s Still Jimmie post
4 Northcote- Free Tonight post
5 8 To Disappear- Carousel post
6 Fucked Up- Queen of Hearts post
7 Lunice- Janes Addiction post
8 6 Norwegian Recycling- Miracles post
9 Ruby Coast- Stability video
10 Sloan- The Answer Was You post