by Tiana Feng

Guilty About Girls released The Very Best Of… album back in September 7, 2010 and back in January I posted their really addictive single Candy Candy so I thought their album was worth a listen.

1. Runners
2. Candy Candy
3. Polygraph
4. Sleepy Kid
5. Brand New High
6. Easy Satisfaction
7. Duplication
8. Vrgn
9. Luv
10. Runners Pt. 2

The duo, Mark Henning and Jordy Birch originated from the 90’s rock band Pure, so you definitely hear those type of alternative aspects there. They reincarnated themselves as Guilty About Girls to portray a somewhat more evolved sound that mixes electronic, pop and alternative music.

The album starts off with Runners which is 5 minutes of instrumental interlude.. but some how you don’t get bored. It starts off pretty alternative sounding but then morphs into an almost electronic feel. Then it hits it off with the addictive Candy Candy. This song is still one of my favourites off the album and I totally sing along to to the chorus and pretend I am Candy.

Following is the nearly as addictive Polygraph which adds some synths into the mix and the equally enjoyable Sleepy Kid. Maybe this is truly a “best of” album because most of the tracks can very well stand out as singles on their own.

Duplication is a slightly more electronic of the tracks coloured by a bright xylophone lick that leads you to the even more synth heavy Vrgn. It’s a track that probably has one actual sentence of lyric but the drama is all created by the action packed instrumentals. I like how the album is tied together in the end with Runners Pt. 2. It has the same instrumental parts as its counterpart but there’s finally vocals even if it’s just to let you know that “We’re All Runnin’.
Guilty About Girls- Candy Candy[audio:]

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