by Tiana Feng What an awkwardly long week. Just started 3rd term of school and the schedule’s pretty hectic but no worries I have tons of downtime and “bored in class time” to keep this blog updated. Now without further ramblings here’s your weekly single song post chart based on YOUR views.


Position Last Song Link
1 Kestrels- What Happens post
2 The Belle Comedians- Modern Touch post
3 Peter Elkas- Cruel Thing to Do post
4 2 Sandman Viper Command- Rough Love post
5 5 Norwegian Recycling- Miracles post
6 Dream Jefferson- Westminster Abbey post
7 6 Bedouin Soundclash feat. Coeur de Pirate- Brutal Hearts post
8 1 Papermaps- Reuinion post
9 Joel Plaskett and Shotgun Jimmie- Jimmie’s Still Jimmie post
10 9 Dark Mean- Happy Banjo post