by Tiana Feng

As you know we had the contest to win tickets to this event. I managed to catch Freedom or Death and The Darcys before running out to a friend’s birthday party.

It was a good thing we arrived early because by 10:30 the place was packed and there was a line up out the door because Steamwhistle Brewry had reached capacity. There were people of all kinds here. Fans, college kids and some people who were obviously worked in the industry

To give you a little background on the event, Steamwhistle Unsigned has been known to show off upcoming talent. Dinosaurs and The Rural Alberta Advantage were contenders before their current successes.

I’ve been to Steamwhistle couple times a great venue with decent beer on tap and delicious pulled pork sliders for sale.. which of course I could not resist to get.

Starting off the night was Freedom or Death which have just released their latest album Ego earlier in the week. It was the first time I have seen what the R&B flavoured rock band looked like. Their performance was a great night kickeroffer as the album was graced with tracks off Ego. With their unique style, they are something to sure look out for in the future.
Freedom or Death- Lost in Dances[audio:]

After some substantial set up time, The Darcys was up. They’re a band I was following for quite a while so I was excited to finally get to see them live. If you haven’t heard of them they have a sound that kind of reminds me of Radiohead’s middle albums. They have a long way to go before they can be compared to Radiohead but their live set was worth the wait. They performed mostly old songs from Endless Water an album they’ve been touring around with since 2007. Thank goodness, they are going to release a full album in August because their live set was mixed so well it blue me away.
The Darcys- House Built Around Your Voice[audio:]

I didn’t get the chance to hear Wildlife but I heard people were quite impressed by this relatively unknown band and it kept the audience enthusiastic and energized.

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  1. Marina

    Thanks for coming out to the show! It was awesome :)