by Tiana Feng

Snailhouse is made up of songs by a dude named Mike Feuerstack. After a 2 yearish break, Mike is back and will be releasing his 6th album called Sentimental Gentleman on May 24, 2011 on Forward Music/White Whale Records. Here’s a sneak peek at the title track. The album was recorded in 4 days in the Treatment Room in Montreal and mixed by Jeremy Gara (the drummer of Arcade Fire). The speediness of the recording, gives it a very organic feel. Not overproduced, something very real and intimate. I love that the guitars and horns are just as “sentimental” and wail of emotion just as the voice does.
Snailhouse- Sentimental Gentleman[audio:]

  • Selorm Denu

    This is a very mellow track!!! Good post