by Tiana Feng

Calm Paradox is Texas native, Michelle Kennedy. Originally trained as a classical vocalist and a harpist, Michelle takes her jump at indie pop. Her songs are full of pretty direct lyrics which makes me wonder who her songs are about. For example Boots is about fooling around with a married man. Wouldn’t you be curious to wonder if this was based on a real life events? Her album How to Mind was released in March.

Calm Paradox- Boots[audio:]

3 Responses

  1. Selorm Denu

    I LOVE her voice. Her name is dope too…Calm Paradox…very nice.

  2. Selorm Denu

    “…by the way, I called your wife, you’re right. She’s a bitch….” awesome

  3. Justin Ray

    now i am interested in whether or not her songs are based off of real events