by Tiana Feng

Montreal never fails to be a place of obvious Canadian talent and Timber Timbre lives up to its birthplace with their new release Creep On Creepin’ On. Some how, the album lives up to its name. There are quite the moments throughout the album where violins and soundscapes give you the heeby jeebies. Contrarely, the title track actually isn’t that “creepy” music wise, but the lyrics and the way he says the phrase I’ll just Creep on Creepin’ on in a low tone resembles as the scary stalker that lurks you around every corner. In the midst of this menace, Black Water emerges a piano sparkled song and talks of needing sunshine. I guess lurkers need to come out of the shadows too.

Timber Timbre- Black Water[audio:]

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  1. theneedledrop

    freakin’ love this song! gonna review the album soon, too.