by Tiana Feng

After hearing their new album Shapeshifting, I was really excited to see Young Galaxy show it off live. However, Lee’s Palace’s acoustics did not lend well to their sound. Young Galaxy’s music is highly dependent on how well its mixed but it wasn’t until halfway through the set that they had it all figured out. In the first few songs, you couldn’t really hear Catherine’s vocals through all the electronics. I have to say though, she was probably one of the most classiest looking pregnant person ever.

They played songs from both their old album Invisible Republic and Shapeshifting. By the end of the set they got in the groove and it went a lot smoother than in the beginning and people raved when Cover Your Tracks came up. Stephen Ramsay for some reason got a whole bunch of screams from girls in the audience, despite his relationship with Catherine. I hope I get the chance to see them again at a better venue.
Young Galaxy- Peripheral Visionaries[audio:]

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