Hi, I’m Kayley. I got the pleasure of covering the illScarlett show at Tattoo Rock Parlor during Canadian Music Week for this wonderful blog, thanks to Teepoo. Tiana is a class-mate of mine, and I was very excited to get the chance to write for RideTheTempo. I was pumped to see my favorite band illScarlett play at a great venue.

Day 2 at Canadian Music Week had many great shows lined up including USS, Crash Karma, and Hollerado. But, I found myself at Tattoo Rock Parlor right around 10:45PM to catch the start of Stereokid’s set.  I was excited to see Stereokid because they always sound great live, but I was more looking forward to seeing my favorite band illScarlett rock the house at 11:45PM. (The first act of the night was Texas Blood Money, followed by Gloryhound. I was unable to catch these sets unfortunately.)

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Stereokid – Oakville natives playing a Toronto venue. From that sentence alone, you can tell that these boys are pumped  to be playing to a hometown crowd .Greg Neal, Dan Neal, Roger Lambert, Kenta Aoki, and Jeff Milutinovic always sound top notch live. They played Soulful from their Movin’ Up SP (Click here to download) and, they revealed that they  have been spending time in the studio recording their first album. The set continued with Get Lost, Hip-Hop, and Pretty Stranger. The boys made sure that fans left with their music buzzing in their head, so they threw out a few CDs in the audience.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j68poHOLng]

Check out their myspace for more details on upcoming projects.

Finally.. It was time for illScarlett to hit the stage

illScarlett – Opening with a bang, One-A was the first song to hit off the night. illScarlett played tons of their classics like Babylon Song (my favorite), Rally, NTF, and Nothing Special. They played one track off of their latest album 1UP!, which was Milkshakes & Razorblades. The boys revealed that they have been working on a new record, and are currently in Los Angeles teaming up with songwriters to make sweet new tunes. During this set, they showcased a few new songs including My Money. An illScarlett show wouldn’t be an illScarlett show without their anthem Mary Jane. This song has become an illScarlett show ritual. Usually known for ending the night with Mary Jane, I was surprised when they ended with something completely unexpected. illScarlett blew the roof off of Tattoo Rock Parlor when they ended the show with Jump Around by House of Pain; they literally had the house jumping. This was an outstanding show by illScarlett. I loved that they kicked it a little old school, focusing more on what brought them to where they are today, but managed to give a little sneak peak into the future.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wn3lux3kwBs]
illScarlett – Rally @ Tattoo Rock Parlor CMW

illScarlett’s next scheduled Toronto date will be at Vans Warped Tour 2011 at Arrow Hall in Mississauga. Check out their website for more details.

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