by Tiana Feng

Second up at the Phoenix on March 9th was Toronto’s own Whale Tooth fronted by the sexy Elle LeGrow. She was such an energetic presence on stage bouncing and prancing around with a short dress. I actually spent part of the night trying to figure out if she was wearing pants, because it got dangerous at times. Whale Tooth was another appropriately placed band on Mother Mother night. They worked the audience for sure, even though not many people knew who they were. It was hard not to joint he crowd in jumping up and down. Already at this point of the night, Phoenix was packed. At shows I’m all about integrating myself into the audience whether I am media or not. Because how can you write a proper review otherwise?

It won’t be there only performance for sure, looks like they are going on a mini tour around Canada according to some dates on their Myspace.
Whale Tooth- Hibernation Song[audio:]
Whale Tooth- Sleep Walking[audio:]
Whale Tooth- 6 Billion[audio:]
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