by Tiana Feng

One of my favourite newly discovered bands from CMW have to probably be the Australian group Birds of Tokyo. They are a 4 piece group fronted by Ian Kelly, who makes some of the best facial expressions ever. He reminded me of a more hilarious version of the character Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Joking aside though, these are a talented group of guys. What I enjoyed the most about the group was that they appealed to the young kids who were there to see Mother Mother with songs that are deeper than their poppy exterior.
The group is a relatively established band in Australia, but this was the first time I had heard them. They already have a couple of albums out including their most recent self-titled which was release last July. Their recent single Circles encompasses the idea that we live a routine-life and without it, we might be lost.
Birds of Tokyo- Circles[audio:]
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You can check out more of their stuff at their Official Website.