by Tiana Feng

I miss Canadian Music Week already. The highlight of my week was probably seeing Mother Mother perform at the Phoenix Night Club on the Wednesday. It was a sold out ticketed show that accepted only 200 CMW wristbands/passes, so I was there right at 8 to try and be one of the 200 people. It was also raining super hard so only the most dedicated fans were there. Mother Mother wasn’t on until 11:30 but there were some really great opening acts (which I will talk about in separate posts). CMW had done a fantastic job grouping bands together for this show. The audience was energetic and hyped by the amazing artists that proceeded. Not to mention by the time Mother Mother was on, Phoenix Concert Theatre was full from front to the end, and on the balconies. No doubt all fans of Mother Mother.

Setlist and Gallery after the jump

They played the audience’s favourites from the old albums, Oh My Heart and Touch Up as well as tested some songs out from their latest album Eureka which I have reviewed here.
Their setlist included O My Heart, Hayloft, Original Spin, Baby Don’t Dance, Polynesia, Born In a Flash, Simply Simple, Wrecking Ball, Ghosting, Problems, Chasing It Down, Angry Sea, Arms Tonite, The Stand, Body Of Years, Sleep Awake. Their fans raged for an encore and they delivered: Burning Pile, Dirty Town and Verbatim. I was pretty lost in the performance and the energy of the crowd. It was an amazing show. Everyone sang along to the old songs and were really excited by the new albums.
Stream the album here