by Tiana Feng

For our blog birthday we had a contest to name the blogs referenced in the above images! Sorry been late on the announcement, there was some technical difficulties going on. But now we’re back! Congrats to Facebook fan Victor Navarete with a grand total of 49 you are the winner of the INSOUND or iTunes gift certificate. In second place is Francis F with 47, you will win whatever the other dude doesn’t choose. Honorable mentions include Danny Darango and Chris from @dailybeatz who tied for 3rd. Thanks for playing everyone! We had over 40 entries. Remember if you said a wrong blog, you lost a point, so maybe that was your downfall. There were a ton of close people! Here are the answers (in no particular order):

1. Chipped Hip
2. Knox Road
3. Pop Dose
4. Fader
5. A Heart is a Spade
6. The Needle Drop
7. Friday Mixtape
8. Tympanogram
9. One Thirty BPM
10. Billboard
11. Tadpole Audio
12. Quick Before it Melts
13. Pretty Much Amazing
14. Sunset in the Rearview
15. Hype Machine
16. We Listen For You
17. Listen Before You Buy
19. CBC Radio 3
20. NPR Music
21. Dyson Sound
22. The Music Ninja
23. Ur Music
24. Daily Beatz
25. Turntable Kitchen
26. Pigeons and Planes
27. In Your Speakers
28. Malleus and Incus
29. Shuffler
30. Tsururadio (well before the change)
31. Bandcamp
32. Elbows
33. CBC Radio
34. Crash Avenue
35. Vinyl and Vodka
36. Pitchfork
37. iTunes
38. Stereogum
39. Nialler 9
40. Mixcloud
41. Soundcloud
42. The Blue Walrus
43. Culture Bully
44. Altered Zones
45. Dead as Digital
46. The Round Table
47. Indieshuffle
48. Chemical Jump
49. Slowcoustic
50. Aquarium Drunkard
51. Chompin