by Tiana Feng

Since my site was down this week and last week’s chart was missing, this is a combination of 2 weeks. Enjoy! Keep hyping up your favourite single song posts, so that they can make the chart and somebody else can fall in love with it too <3

Position Last Song Link
1 1 Bedouin Soundclash feat. Coeur de Pirate- Brutal Hearts post
2 Handsome Furs- Radio Kaliningrad post
3 Mother Mother- The Stand video
4 2 Dynamite Walls- Blood on My Hands post
5 Spring Breakup- It’s Not Me, It’s You post
6 Kris Ellestad- November Steppes post
7 The Peptides- For Those Who Hate Eachother post
8 10 Armistice- Mission Bells post
9 7 Norwegian Recycling- Miracles post
10 3 Athletes in Paris- Borrowed Time post

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