by Tiana Feng

Eureka is the third studio album from Canadian harmonic pop quintet Mother Mother. It’s only the beginning of 2011, but I already think this is probably going to top the album lists of the year. There isn’t a track on the song that you won’t fall in love with. It’s full of direct, eccentric and catchy songs interlaced with creativity.

1. Chasing It Down
2. The Stand
3. Baby Don’t Dance
4. Original Spin
5. Born In A Flash
6. Simply Simple
7. Problems
8. Aspiring Fires
9. Getaway
10.Far In Time
12. Calm Me Down

The Vancouver band has already graced us with the likes of their first two albums Touch Up and Oh My Heart. If you’ve been a fan since then, than you’ll be happy to hear that Eureka lives up to the same standards.

The album begins with Chasing it Down that starts off as a sort of radio transmission before breaking into an upbeat rock vibe. There’s tons of appropriate synth experimentation and introduces the vocal effective vocal dubbing with female vocals that makes their music oh so love-able.

The Stand has some innocent yet sexy girl boy back and forth dialogue. Molly and Jasmine chant sing as Ryan sex talks and somehow ends the track with the line “Everyone’s fucked and they don’t even know.” with the addition of a sly laugh.

Baby Don’t Dance has some genius spots where the music stops for a split second that makes the rest of the music just hit you in an orgasmic way. They then continue that feel good sound with Original Spin, a song that makes me think they should be bigger in the mainstream, like Metric, except better. When it breaks into chorus, you can picture that big show and people jumping up and down singing along.

Born in a Flash changes the sound from the major you heard in the rest of the album to a minor key. Heavy and dark chords outline the harmonic structure. The synths and vocals make the verse super creepy until it becomes major for the chorus. I love the chord transitions. There’s something about the transition from verse to chorus that is genius. The track gives me goosebumps when it breaks into “ahhhhh”s and ascending violins. The album continues with Simply Simple, a song that is literally described by the title. It’s a pretty simple and tongue and cheek track embellished orchestrally with violins and sparkly piano lines.

Then it moves into Problems, back in major key and a more rock song. It reminds me of a 70s rock song brought into modern times and Mother Motherized. Ryan displays his crazy falsetto range. Like Problems, Aspiring Fires continues talking about being crazy.

Getaway introduces female vocals by Molly Guldemond. She sings sweetly in a pretty straightforward song about getting away. How could you not fall in love with this voice? My favorite track off the entire album is probably Oleander. It reminds me of the reason why I love Stars. It’s one of those dark and beautiful songs. They take turns fronting the song in a lovely duet, slow and beautiful in the beginning verse, but picking it up in the chorus.

Calm Me Down is the perfect end to an album that was heart pumpingly catchy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still rhythmically fast instrumentally but the vocals take their time. But it wouldn’t be Mother Mother if they didn’t end with a bang, and of course they do.

You won’t even realize it when you have played this album 10 times. The album is so perfectly mixed by Mike Fraser, and CMW was my lucky ticket to see them translate them live and they were wonderful. Give this a spin, and fall in love.
Mother Mother- The Stand[audio:]
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