by Tiana Feng

Nilima’s only been in Toronto since 2009, but her music brings in influences from the European countries she was brought up in. She was born in Germany and moved from Bonn, to Cologne to Berlin before ending up in Canada and 16 months later finish her first EP and released today.

1. Nothing Left But Me
2. Die Alone
3. You Tasted Like
4. If We Were In Love
5. It’s Been a Long Time

Nilima’s music is pop with a touch of jazz and a sprinkle of folk. The album begins with Nothing Left But Me with vocals as smooth as the legato violin passage that accompanies it. It’s soon joined by a warm and welcoming clarinet.
Die Alone is a darker track of heartbreak. The minor chords accentuated by a flamenco guitar that flow until her final proclamation of not wanting to die alone.
You Tasted Like is an upbeat song full of horns and light percussion. It’s one of those tracks that get you dancing and singing along on top of a table. It transitions perfectly into If We Were In Love which continues on in the same manner, but the violin returns. It’s Been a Long Time is a calm end to an album full of emotional energy.

The five track EP leaves me wanting to hear more, like the work was an excerpt of something greater soon to come. You can purchase her EP on the Silver Birch Productions website. Check out the title track Nothing Left But Me.
Nilima- Nothing Left But Me