by Tiana Feng

Dream Jefferson is Ottawa natives Corboe and Owl Five who are now residing in Toronto. They’re a genre breaking rap duo. I think of it more as if LCD Soundsystem or Chromeo suddenly decided to add rap to their tunes, this is sort of what you would get. Their latest album Sasquath Burry Their Dead is available for free download on their Bandcamp. It’s a collection of rapid-fire lyrics on top of some great beats and electronic synths. They remind me of the great lyricists of Def Jam, while bringing a 2011 twist.

Dream Jefferson- Super Rick 24/7 (I’m Splatterhousin’)[audio:]
Dream Jefferson- Bedtime Ballet[audio:]
Dream Jefferson- Spellbound to Fail[audio:]
Dream Jefferson- This is Baskerville[audio:]
Dream Jefferson- Vampyroteuthis[audio:]
Dream Jefferson- The Ghosts of San Simeon[audio:]
Dream Jefferson- Dolls

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