by Tiana Feng

Young Galaxy’s Shapeshifting was probably one of the most anticipated Canadian albums this year. Their last album, Invisible Republic of 2009, was a Polaris Prize nominee and there’s no doubt that Shapeshifting keeps up the momentum of moving foreward and growing, making Shapeshifting such an appropriate title for the album.

1. Nth
2. The Angels Are Surely Weeping (feat. Hanna)
3. Blown Minded
4. We Have Everything
5. For Dear Life
6. Peripheral Visionaries
7. High and Goodbye
8. Phantoms
9. Cover Your Tracks
10. B.S.E.
11. Shapeshifting
There’s no doubt in my mind that this record will go up against Mother Mother’s Eureka probably as one of the best albums of 2011 and the year’s just begun! Shapeshifting was released on Paperbag Records. Compared to their past 2 records, this one is much more engaging and if it doesn’t get you a little bit moving in that chair, you must be as stiff as a rock.

There’s tons of dance-like tracks, sort of remind you of GOOD Cut Copy, that sort of retro 80s vibe, something that is heard definitely in B.S.E.. It’s a sound that is established right from the beginning with Nth.

Shapeshifting has a certain type of romanticism about it that engulfs your soul. There’s a sense of fantasy especially in tracks like Swing Your Heartache. Young Galaxy really aims to take you on a sound journey in the 11 tracks. Through experimentation, you go on an epic walk down the street in We Have Everything, taken to the tropics in Cover Your Tracks and shroud themselves with shoe gaze effects as Ramsay and Catherine entrance us with their smooth beautiful vocals.

If you haven’t heard it yet, Shapeshifting is worth picking up. I’m waiting for the white vinyl that comes out March 29,2011! So worth getting, you can pre-order it here. They’ve cancelled their March 4 show at Lee’s Palace, but they’re actually playing March 10, at Lee’s Palace with some other great Manitoba bands as a part of Canadian Music Week. So catch them there, I’ll be around. Come say hi!
Young Galaxy- We Have Everything[audio:]
Young Galaxy- Cover Your Tracks[audio:]
Young Galaxy- Peripheral Visionaries[audio:]
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