by Tiana Feng

Today marks the first birthday of Ride the Tempo. In a year, I have grown as a blogger and as a person. If you look at my first 6 months of posts, they sorta blow, like honestly. Anyways, I have found where I fit in best blogging about Canadian music, and anything else that is true to my heart. The blog has been fully shaped by the people that I’ve had the opportunity to meet over the year and this is where the contest kicks in….

Below is a picture I doodled containing references to 50+ music blogs/sites/people that have influenced me over the year(s). They are people I’ve become friends with, or stalk on a daily basis. Your job is to identify them. You have a chance to win $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO INSOUND or $50 iTUNES giftcard, there will be two winners.

Here are the rules:
1. You can only enter once, but you’re free to help someone else afterward. Anybody can enter: Bloggers/random people/aliens
2. You must be a follower on twitter or facebook so I can announce your win to the world!
3. Name the websites who are referenced in the pictures. I don’t want peoples twitter, I want to know the MUSIC websites that they are associated with. Send your answers to
5. In order to prevent cheating, you will get +1 point for a correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer. I’ll e-mail telling you how many you got right away, but remember, you can only enter once so take your time although..
6. This is a race. The first two people to name ALL of them will win or the ones who holds the most points on March 13, 2011.
7. Good luck and have fun! Some are tricky, some are their icons, some are literal representations of their name and some are just a small part of the layout! Happy hunting!
<-- click the image to expand

ps. I know I forgot some of you in the pic shoutout, mostly because my drawing abilities are too limited to describe your greatness.