by Tiana Feng

I’ve been amazed lately watching Gossip Girl how great the music selection is and I applaud them for featuring a ton of Canadian artists too! I haven’t got any requests so here’s some of the music from the past 2 episodes of Gossip Girl.
Gossip Girl- Season 4 Episode 13
Chuck sleeps with Raina:
Wolf Gang- Lions in Cages[audio:]
Serena has lunch with Ben:
Meme- Beat of My Own Song[audio:]
Serena catches Eric in a deal and tries to convince him that Damien is using him:
Stars- Changes[audio:]
Epperly tells Blair she still has the job thanks to Dan:
Everest- Let Go[audio:]
Gossip Girl- Season 4 Episode 14
Dan discovers Ben will be staying at the Loft:
Dan Black- Yours[audio:]
Blair and Epperly arrive the palace to meet Nate:
Crystal Castles- Celestica[audio:]
Serena tells the guys that she doesn’t believe Ben hit Damien:
Florence and the Machine- Cosmic Love (Acoustic)[audio:]
Epperly tells Blair she’s been promoted:
The Naked and the Famous- Young Blood[audio:]