by Tiana Feng

Entire Cities is a 7 piece group from Toronto, Ontario. They have a folk rock sound that at certain moments sounds very indie alternative and country. Their debut album I Hope You Never Come Home is very rurally inspired and have tons of Canadian tidbits.

1. Bruise Black
2. Gimme A Ride
3. A Coat of Loup Garou
4. Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear
5. Don A Veil
6. In Octopus Country
7. Towter
8. A Closed Hand
9. Zombie Song (Dream Logic)
10. Predator Song

The album was released December 7, on Easy Tiger Records and available for download on Bandcamp.

Bruise Black introduces the album and is the inspiration for the title. It has a hook melody that introduces female back up. The reference to coming home is an ungoing theme throughout. There is a sound that is so rural Canadian about the album. Maybe it’s the tickles of banjo in the likes of Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear, the accordion in Don A Veil or the mention of a maple leaf in A Coat of Loup Garou.

A major strength of the group is their percussion parts that co-exist with the lyrics like in Gimme A Ride. Lyrically, they can be both poetic and hilarious. Sometimes the greatness of the lyrics can be missed because the bass overpowers everything like in A Closed Hand. Predator Song, the acoustic track, has crisp clear vocals that was a great way to end the record and prove that they have musical talent as well as heart in their lyrics. I’m a sucker for a band who can write songs with detailed random descriptions.
Entire Cities- Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear[audio:]