by Tiana Feng
Check out the latest video from Born Ruffians. The video is directed by Brian Hamelin and Christian Kelly. Hamelin quotes:

“The idea to make a Born Ruffians video using wrestling footage was inspired by a collective love for “pro wrestling” that we and band all share. The video was shot on the Olympus I-Speed 3, a camera usually reserved for capturing the damage caused in controlled car crashes. This enabled us to capture the wrestling at 2000 frames per second. This speed revealed the discipline, athleticism and precision that goes into mastering the art of pro wrestling. The tension created by the action in the ring being slowed to such an extent perfectly matches the tension built in The Ballad Of Moose Bruce by the repetitive drums and bass line of the song. The video stars Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and Pro Wrestling Noah star Chris Hero. The video was shot at the Squared Circle Training facilities in North York Ontario and co-stars one of their trainers, Jordan “Marcus” Marquez. The video was produced by Vulture Culture Films.”