by Tiana Feng

Stefana Fratila is an experimental artist from Vancouver BC. She has just released her 25 track album Grow Up for free on Bandcamp. So far, I have pretty mixed feelings about the album. Some of it is a little too raw and sometimes I’m not a fan of the vocals. Her voice is sort of an acquired taste, sort of like Best Coast, but many people dig that. That is not to say that the whole album is a flop. There are some tracks that are quite interesting full of buzzing electronics, synths and well blended vocals. Parts of the album is a bit bizzare, but maybe you’re into that. It was definitely her intention. Here are some of the tracks I dug:
Stefana Fratila- Mes Fantomes Gries[audio:]
Stefana Fratila- La! La! La![audio:]
Stefana Fratila- Nobody Pays[audio:]
Stefana Fratila- Rusting Rustic Heart[audio:]
Stefana Fratila- Understanding Both Parts of the Word Foghorn[audio:h]
Stefana Fratila- Hon (So Much Goes)[audio:]
Stefana Fratila- Hello, Lady Reed[audio:]
Stefana Fratila- March With Me[audio:]

Head over to her BANDCAMP to get all 25 tracks for free!