by Tiana Feng

Victoria, BC’s Slam Dunk is temporarily offering up their album The Shivers for free on their BANDCAMP. It’s definitely worth a download. I love their mix of styles. In a rock song, you suddenly get some jazzy swing such as in The Beach. They’re known for their fast pace, genre-busting style. I can just picture how energetic their live shows must be. I’d be one of those crazy little fan girls jumping up and down to every song and singing along to their shout-out choruses.

Slam Dunk- Only Fun[audio:]
Slam Dunk- Bleacher Lovin’[audio:]
Slam Dunk- Slowdance[audio:]
Slam Dunk- Feral Child[audio:]
Slam Dunk- Bearcub[audio:]
Slam Dunk- Viva Slam Dunkas[audio:]
Slam Dunk- Ratcatcher[audio:]
Slam Dunk- The Beach[audio:]
Slam Dunk- The Slam Dunk[audio:]
Slam Dunk- Shivers[audio:]