by Tiana Feng

Here’s the first full project by friend, guest writer and of course producer/emcee Emay. In Mind Altering Dynamics, Emay combines his own great lyrics with his own beats, as well as samples from Lowell Boland and Stephaloo. Emay reminds us of how great rapping used to be before it became superficial. It’s an album full of heart and experiences. You know he’ll go great places one day. And guess what? the album is free, so you better head to his Bandcamp and download and pass it on!

Emay- Because Winter (feat. Lowell Boland)[audio:]
Emay- Lonely Night *Starlight*[audio:]
Emay- Bricks[audio:]
Emay- Iron Pulse *Starboy*[audio:]
Emay- It’s Been Said[audio:]
Emay- So Beautiful[audio:]
Emay- Ups & Downs Remix (feat. Stephaloo)[audio:]
Emay- Initiation in Progress[audio:]