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Jenn Grant is a Canadian folk-pop singer/songwriter born in PEI but moved to Halifax Nova Scotia. In 2006, she won Best New Artist and Best Female Artist at the Nova Scotia Music Awards. Honeymoon Punch is her third full album.
1. Oh My Heart
2. How I Met You
3. Baby’s Been Away
4. Paradise Mountain
5. All Year
6. Getcha Good
7. Parliament of Owls
8. Heart of Sticks
9. Walk Away
10. Stars to Waves

The songs of Honeymoon Punch can all stand alone but together in order they also tell a story of falling in and out of love. The album is full of addictive repetitive lines, a harmony enhanced by saxophone and of course Jenn’s light and beautiful voice.

The album starts with Oh My Heart which introduces her very tongue and cheek style. It’s a song about falling in love “you look like a movie star from this angle”. I love the playful vocables in the song that remind me of the gitty feeling of falling in love. The album continues along with How I Met You that is the more edgier rock song of the album with rolled chords on the synth.

Baby’s Been Away features sprinkles of glock and Jenn sings “You’ve got an ocean to save”. Paradise Mountain is a more acoustic track full of artistic imagery of pleasant things. All year has the same style with sweet piano chords and a repetitive bass. It’s a pretty simple track in teh beginning but builds up to include saxophone and some more energetic percussion. The layering continues with bells and overlap of vocals.

Getcha Good picks the album up a bit. It’s a confident song about getting the boy. It’s one of those songs that should be staple in any girl’s feel good playlists. I can imagine myself getting ready in the mirror and singing along to the line “I’m Gonna Getcha”.

The beginning “ooo” vocals of Parliament of Owls fools you into thinking it’s another slow song but it’s really not. Heart of Sticks contains string embellishments with repetitive piano parts that move this love story onto a breakup story. In Walk Away you can hear that she is confused. She’s not sure of what she wants. At times you think she’ll be okay without him but the chorus sounds like she is mixed up. She sounds like she’s saying both walk away and don’t walk away.

Finishing the album is Stars to Waves. It starts off as a slow song with acoustic guitar. Then a solo guitar transitions to heavy bass drum. It’s almost like the beginning slow part is the twinkling stars and it transitions to the crashing instrumental waves that slowly die off at the end to the actual sounds of nature.

Honeymoon Punch was full of light tracks that themselves could be singles, but together bring an album of variety and heart. Although it is an album of both love and heartbreak, it’s such a fun listen of some lighthearted songs.
Jenn Grant- Getcha Good[audio:]
Jenn Grant- Oh My Heart[audio:]

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