Plan B have just finished 2 shows in the LA and NY, impressing the likes of Paloma Faith and Elton John hoping to break ground as they already have done since 2005 here in the U.K. Plan B’s music is best described as rap mixed with other genres such as Pop/Rock/Hip-Hop/Soul and Dubstep.

For those unaware of Plan B, prepare to be aware. Plan B is Ben Drew, a rapper, singer-songwriter, actor and film-director from London U.K. and is soon to be releasing his second studio album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ in America in March. Although his latest album he concentrates more on his vocal ability. ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ I can only describe as ingenious, as it follows the story of a fictional character named Strickland Banks who finds fame with music, but his life is soon turned around as he ends up in jail.

I was very excited to see Plan B’s last U.K. tour after hearing so many positive reactions from people who saw him live before. The comments were taken with a pinch of salt as I feel other peoples opinion of music are different from one another. But I soon became sided with their comments after being introduced to Faith SFX…

Faith SFX is a U.K. Beatboxing champion also from London, and is mainly involved with the Grime/Hip-Hop scene, his mixtape ‘All From The Mouth Vol. 1’ is free to download from his website in prep. for his official album release ‘Man or Machine’.

Now, Faith comes onto the stage equipped with nothing but a microphone, and proceeds to give the crowd an unprecedented example of his beatboxing skills by imitating loads of well-known tracks that differ with each show, see if you can guess them all;

They used a low EQ and possibly a reverb on Faith’s mic, and damn did it make a difference. You seriously had to be there, the bass was absolutely incredible.

As Faith leaves the stage, the full band then proceed onto the stage with Ben and begin to give a deliver a blazing performance from the tracks off their album.

Prayin’ and What You Gonna Do have got to be my favourite performances as well as my favourite tracks off their album, their timing and presence on stage is both powerful and energetic. Their live show really reflects the attitude of the album.

And here comes the part I’ve heard so much about and was dying to see – the Encores..

Faith SFX returns to the stage and is used as a beatmachine because sometimes there is a ‘technical problem’ or ‘the drummer is deaf’ ;) and Plan B literally owned the audience with their LIVE dubstep covers of some of my best loved songs like Kiss From A Rose, Forget About Dre and Ain’t No Sunshine. The feeling was a moment I will never forget and really makes me want to see them again.

When Plan B tours near you, grab your tickets fast, they always sell out!