by Tiana Feng

I’ve only just heard of Vancouver punk band Tight Solid, but they broke up. However before they did they released a final album Walk it Off entirely for free download on their Bandcamp. I guess since they broke up they’re not so “tight solid” but doesn’t mean you can’t get down and dirty with this grungey album.
Tight Solid- Ode to the Devil[audio:]
Tight Solid- She’s So In Control[audio:]
Tight Solid- Cocobonk (Null the Void)[audio:]
Tight Solid- A Great Love[audio:]
Tight Solid- The 70’s in Quebec[audio:]
Tight Solid- Highschool Tattoo[audio:]
Tight Solid- I’m Fallin’ Apart[audio:]
Tight Solid- ‘Ment You Let Me Go[audio:]
Tight Solid- Sell Your Soul[audio:]