by Tiana Feng

As a way of thanking their fans for a great year, Vancouver’s Mind Cinema released this video of Flow a track that was recorded during the recording sessions of their Sunbeat EP.
Sunbeat EP is an 8 track EP that was released for free download. It’s a collection of ambient soundscapey tracks with layers of vocals that some how work out to have pretty catchy hooks. If you’re into that shoegaze type feel than you’ll probably love to fall victim to Sunbeat which will take you on a dreamy adventure through sound.
Mind Cinema- Calling the Magazine[audio:]
Mind Cinema- Downsides of Freedom[audio:]
Mind Cinema- Icy Roads[audio:]
Mind Cinema- Lovesick High[audio:]
Mind Cinema- Monkeys[audio:]
Mind Cinema- REC 22[audio:]
Mind Cinema- Solar Rays[audio:]
Mind Cinema- Sunbeat[audio:]