by Tiana Feng

The Last Royals is writer/singer/producer Eric James and drummer Mason Ingram based in Brooklyn. The EP contains final versions of 4 songs that Eric recorded by himself in a self-project called A Week and a Day, named after the fact he wrote 8 songs in 8 days.

1. Backseat Lovers
2. Crystal Vases
3. Always, To Belong
4. Come Take My Hand (Demo)
5. Backseat Lovers (Crayon Remix)

The EP is an alternative rock, almost punk sort of vibe that introduces itself in Backseat Lovers. It’s a pretty dirty song in disguise (well not really disguised), “losing your touch on the bathroom floor”. There’s a lose Rock n Roll groove, full of sexual imagery. I wonder what they are “counting” in the chorus. I think something dirty. You even get a little subtle panting here and there.

Crystal Vases has a little bit of a pop-punk sort of undertone. Here Eric introduces the crystal vase as a metaphor for love and life and how fragile it can be. It has a perfect groove and catchiness that would be successful in commercial radio.

Always, to Belong is the more orchestral track off the album. Every time I listen to this track I fall in love with something different; the beautiful piano lick, the “dadadada” in the background that in the end becomes part of the main vocals. For a demo track, Come Take My Hand sounds pretty polished. It’s not as catchy and interesting as the rest of the EP but has the same sort of hook chorus appeal.

The last track seems like it should be a remix of the first track, but actually it sounds nothing at all like the first track. It’s a completely separate interpretation. “Remix” is taken quite loosely, it’s slower than the original and was a very different way to wrap up the EP.

The 5 track EP took no time to listen to and I found myself playing it again and again. It’s also one of those EP’s that I wish I could get on vinyl, because I bet it would be an awesome sounding spin.

The Last Royals- Backseat Lovers[audio:]
The Last Royals- Crystal Vases[audio:]

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