by Tiana Feng

Christopher Pratt is an acoustic folk artist with just the right amount of blues and psychadelicness mixed in. He has released his first EP The Fourth Wall for free download on his Bandcamp. He’s currently in the process of forming a band so that he can get the chance to play his tunes live. The EP is generally an acoustic album but it does have an electric guitar at parts to add that psych touch. The EP is a great mix of both lively tunes and the more sad and mellow Sanguine Hill. The addition of the eerie distorted electric guitar in this track gives me the goosebumps! The thing I enjoy most about this EP is that it is very raw. You get raw emotion, not hiding behind too much production and for this reason I think in the future he would be a great live act to watch.
Christopher Pratt- Will You Sleep a Heavy Sleep?[audio:]
Christopher Pratt- Sanguine Hill[audio:]
Christopher Pratt- Letters From an Honest Politician[audio:]
Christopher Pratt- Mystery Man Blues[audio:]
Christopher Pratt- The Changing Colours of Leaves[audio:]
Christopher Pratt- Breaking Through (The Fourth Wall)[audio:]