by Tiana Feng

Poster Child’s music is a mix of electronicy poppy and instrumental pop songs with the philosophy that mainstream labels are all conspiracies. Poster Child is Enzo Tiano who started his song writing when he was 12. His heart pumping songs are full of underlying philosophies. For example We Don’t Have to Talk was written after a party where there was dispute “I started noticing that if we all talk about ourselves, the conversation never ends (in a positive way). But if we start talking about life, religion, and war, we start hating each other eventually and thinking of our differences.” Even though there is underlying philosophical content in his songs, Enzo does it in such a way that it is not preachy and still get you in a mood to dance.

Poster Child- Sinners in the Holyland[audio:]
Poster Child- We Don’t Have to Talk[audio:]