by Tiana Feng

Number one on our new features list will be COVER SATURDAYS where we will post all the yummy covers that we have discovered during the course of the week! I’ve been getting so much music lately, that I have no space to post so this will be the first in a bunch of new feature posts to cover everything!

Vampire Weekend- Fight For This Love (Cheryl Cole Cover)| OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Florence and the Machine- Halo (Beyonce Cover)| OFFICIAL WEBSITE
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Tristan Clopet- Fuck You (Cee Lo Green Cover)|OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Brendan Losch- Save Yourself (Sharon Van Etten Cover)| OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Neon Indian- Children of the Revolution (T. Rex Cover) | MYSPACE [audio:]
Benjamin Francis Leftwich- Rebellion| MYSPACE[audio:]
Ellie Goulding- Only Girl (Rihanna Cover)| MYSPACE[audio:]