by Tiana Feng

Tristan Clopet is an alternative rock artist with a little bit of funk mixed in. He’s from the US and will be gracing the stages of SXSW in 2011. Most recently released is his EP named Purple which I was asked to review.

1. Proximity Bomb
2. So Alive
3. Ethereal Evidence
4. Superficiality is a Sin
5. Love and A Question
6. Black Panther Party

The album begins with a track called Proximity Bomb with funk bass lines and quick witty rhymes and a head bobbing instrumental solo near the end which leads to the last proclamation of the title PROXIMITY BOMB.

So Alive is a full out alternative rock track that reminds me a little of the theme from TV Show Smallville (sung by Remy Zero). It’s one of those songs that fit perfectly into some scene of a prime time drama. I picture a scene of a woman walking into the sun proudly soaking in the rays.

Ethereal Evidence returns us to funk almost Beastie Boys-esque rhymes till the chorus full of loud melodic proclamations. I love the electric guitar lick that begins Superficiality is a Sin that leads into a song that is sort of reminiscent of the Chili Peppers. Tristan does shows some effective uses of pauses and entrances that appropriately displaces tension and release.

Love is a Question takes the album for a different turn. Now you’re almost in a sort of indie dreampop world, complete with a glock. Then finally you are brought back to his rock world with Black Panther Party a head bobbing track that mixes everything you found in the album together. You have the funk rhymes, the rock guitar parts and the dreampop atmospheres during instrumental interludes.

In Purple Tristan shows us his ability to play in multiple genres of music which can allow him to take both the indie or mainstream root. We’re excited to hear what he will come up with next!
Tristan Clopet- Black Panther Party[audio:]