by Tiana Feng

Kurt von Stetten is a dude who plays all the instruments you hear in his songs. His 5 full length albums, including the newest called Pyramid was recorded in his bedroom studio! Every sound you hear, he has produced himself and experimented with in the studio to come up with each full length track. You can hear anything from cello, guitar, bass, xylophone, drums, washboard, keys/synth, and a variety of children’s toys, noise makers, and hand percussion. His music is a medium-fi indie-rock illustrated with lots of personal love and instrumental colour. In Come Correck you get a light-hearted silly song that even mentions farts. Love song is more about the layering that Kurt is experimenting with. It’s interesting that he mentions gravitational pull, because I think his music here is doing just that with all the tension and release points until the final burst at the end.
Kurt von Stetten- Come Correck[audio:]
Kurt von Stetten- Love Song[audio:]