by Tiana Feng
As you can see from my playlists, how ADD my music is. Wanna send in yours? Shuffle your library and give us 10 track names and aid in our quest of music discovery! Here’s what my iTunes churned out this week.
1. Mr. Big- Unnatural[audio:]
2. Zeromancer- Send Me An Angel[audio:]
3. Florence and the Machine- You’ve Got The Dirtee Love (live)[audio:]
4. Metaform- Premonition 2010 (feat. Azeem)[audio:]
5. Paul Ahi- South Beach (Fukkk Offf Remix)[audio:]
6. Deerhunter- Sailing[audio:]
7. Tina Dico- Break of Day[audio:]
8. Appocalyptica- Conclusion[audio:]
9. Ratatat- Mahalo[audio:]
10. George Nozuka- Hurting Child[audio:]